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Management, 3rd Edition, Michael A. Hitt

Management, 3rd Edition

This text connects theory with practice, incorporating the latest research findings to make management relevant and exciting to aspiring managers.

Received my book ahead of when I needed it. It helped me complete my bachelors degree. Would recommend to others. Continue reading

Small Business Management, 17th Edition, Justin G. Longenecker

Small Business Management, 17th Edition

Realize your dream for small business success with this market-leading book. SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: LAUNCHING AND GROWING ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES, 17E provides the practical concepts, entrepreneurial insights, and comprehensive resources you’ll find essential both now and throughout your management future. SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT delivers solid coverage of the fundamentals of business management as it teaches you not only how to start a business, but also how to manage, grow, and harvest a business. This market leading text places you in the role of decision maker, allowing you to immediately apply what you’ve learned to current challenges in today’s small businesses. The book’s thorough emphasis on building business plans ensures that you can effectively create, manage, and analyze a plan for your own venture. Unforgettable examples, exciting video cases, and coverage of the most current developments in business management today keep this engaging text as current and practical now as it was when it led the market in its first edition 50 years ago. Each edition builds upon past strengths with new innovations and breakthrough developments. SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: LAUNCHING AND GROWING ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES, 17E offers the insights and practical principles that you’ll reference again and again throughout your business career. Continue reading

Business in Action, 6th Edition, Courtland L. Bovee

Business in Action, 6th Edition

An introduction to business text can be complete without being complex and overwhelming–and this text proves it!

Business in Action is uniquely positioned to help today’s readers become tomorrow’s focused, highly productive business professionals. It is the only introduction to business text that emphasizes efficient, focused, objectives-driven learning in every aspect. Continue reading

International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases, 8th Edition, Helen Deresky

International Management Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases, 8th Edition

Directed primarily toward undergraduate and graduate International Business or General Management majors, this text also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals.

International Management explores the manager’s role within the dynamic global environment of business management by exploring the political, legal, technological, competitive, and cultural factors that shape corporations worldwide. Continue reading