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Strategic Marketing, 10th Edition, David Cravens

Strategic Marketing, 10th Edition

Designed around the marketing strategy process with a clear emphasis on analysis, planning, and implementation, this text and casebook discusses the concepts and processes for gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The new edition of Strategic Marketing uses a decision-making process to examine the key concepts and issues involved in analyzing and selecting strategies. Marketing strategy is considered from a total business perspective, examining marketing strategy beyond the traditional emphasis on marketing functions. The length and design of the book offer flexibility in the use of the text material and cases. New features and updated cases have made this text the most relevant text in the market today. Continue reading

Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases, 14th Edition, Fred R. David

Strategic Management A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases, 14th Edition

A skills-oriented, practitioner perspective on strategy, thoroughly updated with current research and concepts.

In today’s economy, gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage is harder than ever. Strategic Management captures the complexity of the current business environment and delivers the latest skills and concepts with unrivaled clarity, helping readers develop their own cutting-edge strategy through skill-developing exercises and cases. Continue reading

Human Resource Management: Gaining a Competitive Advantage, 8th Edition, Raymond A. Noe

Human Resource Management Gaining a Competitive Advantage, 8th Edition

As competitors strive to win the war for talent, effective human resource management is necessary to gain true competitive advantage in the marketplace. Three challenges companies face are sustainability, technology, and globalization. Human Resource Management, Eighth Edition brings these challenges to life by highlighting real-world examples pertaining to these issues and relating it to the concepts within the chapter. This best-selling McGraw-Hill/Irwin Human Resource Management title provides students with the technical background needed to be a knowledgeable consumer of human resource (HR) products and services, to manage HR effectively, or to be a successful HR professional. While clearly strategic in nature, the text also emphasizes how managers can more effectively acquire, develop, compensate, and manage the internal and external environment that relates to the management of human resources. Continue reading

Strategic Management: Concepts, 1st Edition, Frank Rothaermel

Strategic Management Concepts, 1st Edition

Combining quality and user-friendliness with rigor and relevance, Frank T. Rothaermel synthesizes theory, empirical research, and practical applications in a breakthrough new text designed to prepare students for the types of challenges they will face as managers in the globalized and turbulent business environment of the 21st century. This new textbook, written with a single, strong voice, weaves together classic and cutting-edge theory with in-chapter cases and strategy highlights, to teach students how companies gain and sustain competitive advantage. OneBook…OneVoice…OneVision.

Strategic Management by Frank Rothaermel is a rare find – a great strategy book for the classroom, and an equally useful book for the manager/practitioner in the field. I spent over 20 years in the field working in corporations, small to medium sized business, and starting and running my own businesses. Rothaermel’s book on strategy finally replaced my worn out copies of Michael Porter’s books on strategy as my ‘go-to books’ that I used as my strategy guides at GE and AT&T in the field. Continue reading