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Fundamentals of Management, 7th Edition, Ricky W. Griffin

Fundamentals of Management, 7th Edition

Prepare for success in management today with this brief, streamlined approach from leading management author Ricky Griffin. FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT, 7E offers a strong theoretical and functional framework clearly organized around the functions of management with a concise presentation that offers the flexibility to add cases, exercises or projects. The book’s proven balance of theory and practice incorporates numerous, engaging learning features to help readers develop and strengthen today’s most important management skills. Opening vignettes immediately emphasize the relevance of each chapter’s content, while skill applications and new cases keep readers focused and actively engaged. New features reflect today’s emerging management challenges, including the economic crisis and energy crisis. With FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT, 7E, readers quickly find themselves equipped with the confidence of a management professional. Continue reading

Developing Management Skills, 8th Edition, David A. Whetten

Developing Management Skills, 8th Edition

Develop ten essential management skills.

With an emphasis on self assessments, Developing Management Skills gets readers involved in the learning experience, helping them connect the theories to their own lives. Further, this text focuses on developing the ten essential skills needed for success and gives readers tangible goals to work towards.

Based on suggestions from reviewers, instructors, and students, a number of changes–including new skill-assessments and cases, and updated research–have been incorporated in the eighth edition. Continue reading

Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications, 8th Edition, Stephen P. Robbins

Fundamentals of Management Essential Concepts and Applications, 8th Edition

Robbins/DeCenzo is a brief, paperback text that gives readers more depth and breadth with practical tools to practice their management skills than any other textbook.

The eighth edition contains a self-contained section on developing management skills and includes new exercises, modules, and boxes.

This book did not really add any value to my studies on the topic of management or business in general. I’ve read leadership books, economic books, organisational behaviour books, etc that covered in more depth the topics of this book. This book really takes the definition of management in a broad sense and includes many topics other authors (and I) consider to be leadership, not management, topics. It’s written at a very easy to read level however. Having read the book there is not one specific audience I would recommend it to. It is definitely not a focused or in-depth study and only grazes the surface of topics. Therefore it is not enough for anyone looking to implement any serious behaviour or management practices. It would only be good for someone wanting the basics in overview/summary form. Even for that need, there are other books I would recommend first. While this book technically is a textbook I would say it is very close to being a book for lay people interested in management or maybe for employees thinking of applying for some management roles. The MyManagementLab software/website is of even worse value. The simulations are written for high school level at best. The answers to them are at times overly obvious and really do not aid in the learning process. If you buy the book, go for a version without the website. You are not missing out the website and saving yourself money (a $40 value if purchased alone). Continue reading